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The Milkman of Human Kindness

This episode looks at the theme of kindness and compassion in music. We hear from Paul Simon, Bach and Billy Bragg, as well as a host of others and even pop in on the Artful Dodger and Yehudi Menuhin! 

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Circles. Cycles and Suchlike

This episode looks at circular progressions and how we hear them everywhere in music. From Handel to Hendrix, through Gloria Gaynor and  Roberta Flack via John Williams and Marvin Gaye it's an exploration of meandering circulations

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The Power of the B.V.

This episode is a look at the power of Backing Vocals. Why are they so powerful? Who are they? From Purcell through to the Stones they serve as a connection to the deeper meaning of music. With the usual links, facts and observations and of course some great tunes!

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Give The Drummer Some

This episode is a look at the wonderful world of drums, drummers and drumming! How did they save the world, who was the best drummer of all time and what links Phil Collins to the Muppets?!

Plus the most sampled drum beat of all time and Mr Rye gets a visit from Fate!

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Sweet Harmonies

In this episode of Mr Rye's Music he delves into vocal harmony, from Purcell to Jacob Collier, via The Beatles and Kate Rusby.

What is it? How does it work? And why do our ears love it?!

Plus how on earth did Dizzy Gillespie run for President?

Mr Ryes Music Logo ep6.jpg

Doctor Doctor!

In this show Mr Rye looks at Doctors in music. From medical to mystical, via the likes of Dr John, Dr Hook,

Dr Robert and more (You get the picture!).

And he discovers a surprising fact about Ray Charles...

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